Our teen development program is centered around a week long course that the Center offers at both Florence and Canon City High School's.  The program has invaluable information for teens and young adults about the nature of relationships and the realities of the sexual landscape in which they are growing up.  The program is called PURSUE and contains 7 different "Pursuits" that add value to our lives.

  1. Living a life by design | settings goals, whole person health
  2. Choosing healthy sexual activity | contraception, teen pregnancy and STIs
  3. Developing wisdom through Critical Thinking | effects of media
  4. Exercising strength by making wise choices | sexting, pornography, influence of drugs and alcohol on sexual activity
  5. Setting boundaries that value myself and others | 12 steps of physical intimacy
  6. Showing courage by standing up for myself and others | warning signs and patterns of unhealthy relationships
  7. Committing to healthy relationships by setting a strong foundation for my future | cohabitation, importance of developing a healthy relationship from the start

Please visit http://educationforalifetime.com/pursue/ for more information!


Resources - OWN YOUR VALUE


Our teen programming is centered on helping you own your value.  You are a unique and wonderful part of the world and it is so easy to forget that!  Our PURSUE program has an interactive portal for you to explore that more through Education for a Lifetime.

Please visit    ownyourvalue.org